Chiang traveled to Greyhawk nine years ago from a homeland far to the west embroiled in the turmoil of a tyrannical group known as the Red Chord. He hoped to train and organize a new group of ninja to go back and some day rid his land of the tyrants who took control there. Somewhere along the line he became involved with a group of heroes that eventually became known as the Champions of Greyhawk. A group in which he always stayed a shadowy part of to help protect his own secrecy. Over the years they protected The Domain of Greyhawk from the likes of The Black Hand Slavers network, The El’baz Assassins guild, The Black Spawn Mercenary company, and raids carried out by Drow, The Scarlet Brotherhood, and various terrible creatures. Eventually he began to think of and accept Greyhawk as a second home.

The Champions began traveling to other parts of the Flanaess to put down threats to the entire region as a whole. They aided Elwyn Quessedil and the Elves of Silverwood on a number of occasions. They traveled to the Amedio jungle to help the Rakasta fight off Demonic threats. They even traveled to the Underdark to take the fight to the Drow and killed an avatar of Lolth herself. Eventually many of the major threats seemed to have been quelled and the heroes began to go their own way and pursue their own interests, but the the threats were not over. Chiang and Aravir were the only 2 heroes from the original champions left to combat the demonic threat known as the Savage Tide. This quest led them deep into the fearsome clutches of the Abyss to fight and deal with many of it’s vile Demon lords. This quest ended in the death of a major aspect of Demogorgon himself and an end to the overall Savage Tide threat. However, to win the day, Chiang found himself forced to make deals with many Demons. This experience still deeply effects him to this day. It also earned him a major enemy in Iggwilv, who he betrayed on a deal he made with her, almost killing her. In a macabre turn of events Chiangs actions in the Abyss earned him a favor from Orcus himself, because the actions of the heroes put Orcus on the top of the heap in the Abyss. Luckily they also made a few friends along the way, like Gryfalcon, LeShawn Sonj, Queen Morwel of the Eladrin, and some Archons of the Seven Heavens, who taught him “The Sacred Strike” technique.

Recently Chiang and Aravir teamed up with a couple of new heroes, though they be reluctant ones. They fight for Greyhawk under the rubric of a shadowy secret society known as The Grey Hand. Harlan, is a powerful human arcane spellcaster, and Errol, a half Elf swashbuckling favored soul from a far off land of mysterious and powerful Elves. Together they have been valiantly combating an evil cabal of Illithids, Shapeshifters, Drow, Demons, and a conspiracy of vile cults.


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