Battlefield Oerth

The Alhaster Affair

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

The heroes briefly return to the Fortress of Unknown Depths to report their findings to Manzorian and Celeste. After the reunion, the archmage reveals that Balakarde traveled from the Spire of Long Shadows to an independent kingdom called Redhand, to seek the council of a sorceress named Lashonna, chief magical counselor to the tyrannical Prince Zeech, liege of Redhand. In the months leading up to his disappearance, Balakarde was completely obsessed with Kyuss. If he visited Lashonna, it had to be because he thought she could help him get to the bottom of the mystery. It’s probable that Lashonna remembers meeting Balakarde a decade ago, and might know more about his whereabouts.

Prince Zeech is set to celebrate the twentieth year of his rule at a grand festival in a week’s time. Lashonna is sure to attend. The archmage recommends that the party travel to Alhaster immediately, to scout out the city prior to the ball. Despite Prince Zeech’s anniversary, Alhaster is far from festive. Everything there reflects the dour tastes of its lord, a Hextorian fallen paladin who believes himself a just ruler but whose draconian policies and brutally efficient police force keep the citizens in line. It is nonetheless an intriguing place, a crossroads of the civilized world and wild country where adventurers rub shoulders with bandit kings, haughty hobgoblins, and crooked merchants.

Except for Harlan, the group decides to disguise themselves, Aravir as a bodyguard to Chiang, who is in disguise as the Blackhand Slave-master, Hans Arclavian, and Faith and Errol as bodyguards to Harlan. They attempted to meet with Lashonna, but she is unavailable, and they find out that she will be attending the celebration in a few days time. They are able to procure some invites to the Prince’s 20th anniversary ball and decide to use their down time until the ball investigating other leads on what happened to Balakarde.

Aravir and Chiang head to Traitors graves on some rumors that it could have been Ilthane’s lair. They discover a laboratory in shambles along with an a creature that was let loose from Ilthane’s brood. They abundant step out of the lair to call Harlan, Faith, and Errol into the fight only to find themselves surrounded by four of Ilthane’s offspring. The heroes quickly dispatch the young black dragons and the creature lurking in the laboratory below.

The group heads out to investigate the old Cathedral of St. Cuthbert now know as the Church of Blessed Deliverance. They find Rhorsk, a former priest of Cuthbert, who has been turned into a ghoul and has gone mad over the years of isolation. Rhorsk is able to remember enough to give the group more clues as to the whereabouts of Ebon Triad activity before they put him out of his misery.

Next they decide to visit the Sinners Sanctum, a house of lepers and disease ridden poor souls tended by a half-mad woman named Furpotia. Rhorsk had mentioned that someone called Mother Maggot would hold meetings with Ebon Triad members here. They discover a hidden trap door that leads to a stock pile of treasure guarded by another aspect of the Ebon Triad Overgod

Lastly the heroes are taken to Prince Zeech’s palace for the celebration where they had several opportunities to hobnob with the elite of Redhand, not all of whom are completely evil. Several prominent citizens express distaste for Prince Zeech and his close advisors. Finally, Lashonna arrives at the party and offers to meet with the group again in a few nights, when she promises to reveal more.


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