Now come the days of darkness and despair as spring never arrives and the spreading cold starts to take it’s toll on the people of the Flanaess. Rumors of the Red Chord assassinating the Celestial Emperor, taking control of the Celestial Imperium, and sending out their agents to hunt down and convert or kill any and all Sorcerers and Wizards. The Cult of Tiamat plotting to release their most vile Dragon Queen from the Nine Hells. A once great Elven kingdom vanishing without a trace. A new Furyondian king crowned in the shadow of his father’s death, and the kidnapping of his wife, all while Iuz the Evil regains a foothold in the north. Will the Heroes of the Flanaess be able to quell the onslaught of many evils, be corrupted by its power, or be destroyed in the ongoing struggle that is Battlefield Oerth?

Battlefield Oerth