Manfred Blackwell

Former Knight of Furyondy




Manfred Blackwell was a Knight of the Furyondy and father to Katya and Logan Blackwell

Manfred was the first son of Angriff and Illys Blackwell, and was born in Blackwell Keep. From an early age, Manfred was trained in the warrior arts, and knew he wanted to eventually join the Knights of the Hart. He attained the rank of Knight of the Crown and joined the Furyondian Guard with his good friends, Sir Nordan Gram and Sir Valtteri Kinnunen, under Lord Odric Sevren. Manfred fine tuned his swordsmanship, and became a very accomplished soldier and knight. He was known in battle to be a bit reckless, with most Knights thinking he should have been more conservative. This wasn’t Manfred’s way though, and he won his battles. Manfred’s skill with the sword grew to the point that he became the best swordsman of all the Knights of the Hart.

While on a campaign during the Battle of Emridy Meadows, Manfred went missing for almost a year. Much about his disappearance is unknown, but Manfred came back a changed man, along with two newborn children. He never spoke about the identity of their mother.

When his parents passed away, he suddenly found himself in charge of Blackwell Keep and the surrounding lands. While heading up the the town of Blackwell and the keep, Manfred had to borrow heavily on his lands in order to keep them up and proficed aid to the poor and destitute under his protections. Eventually peasants, stricken with an unknown madness, from the lands of the Gold County near Blackwell rose up against Manfred’s Knights whom they blamed for their impoverished ways. The Rebellion, or Outcrying, would be led by an old family enemy, Ragnell. Ragnell’s forces moved on the town of Blackwell and surrounded it initiating the Siege of Blackwell Keep.

Manfred gave his men a choice, they could leave or they could stay. Eighty chose to leave the castle and return to the lands, while the rest, including Sir Nordan Gram, chose to stay to defend the castle. Manfred ordered Nordan to smuggle out his children, while he and his other knights stayed behind to defend the castle. Manfred was holding out hope that his friends Sir Valtteri Kinnunen and Lord Odric Sevren would arrive in time. Help never arrived.

Manfred saw the situation did not look good for his troops, and so he made a decision. He turned himself over to the Ragnell rebels, allowing for his soldiers, loyal knights, and friends to escape from the Castle unharmed. He was never seen or heard from again. Eventually the entire town of Blackwell succumbed to the madness and it has fallen into ruin.

Manfred Blackwell

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