Loris Raknian

Former Director of the Greyhawk Arena




Manager of the Champions Games, one of Greyhawk’s pre-eminent citizens, and former Champion himself. He was the most famous gladiator in the city, retired after a brilliant career in the Greyhawk Arena. He used his influence to get control of the Arena and invested in outside businesses to veer the money back in, so he now owns a controlling share of the Games.

The party found proof that he hired the Illithid, Zyrxog, to assassinate “heroes of Greyhawk," and that he was an agent of the Cult of the Ebon Triad.

During the last Champions Games, Raknian offered Auric to a giant ulgurstasa that was being kept below the arena as a sacrifice. The party was unable to destroy the creature before it could reach Auric, and with the sacrifice of one of Greyhawks champions, Loris was transformed into a Death Knight, and was able to escape admist the chaos.

Loris Raknian

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