Lord Soth

Former Knight of Furyondy




Lord Soth was a member of the Furyondian Guard, the highest of the chivalric orders of the Knights of the Hart. Soth did many brave deeds across the continent of Oerik, and his goodness and valor were well renowned and celebrated by his fellow knights. Soth built a castle for himself in the Vesve Forest which he named Dargaard Keep. He moved into this keep with his wife Lady Gladria of Kalinstren and thirteen loyal knights. That Soth’s marriage was a loveless one of political convenience was generally known to his household and the other knights of Furyondy, and it was this fact that led to his eventual downfall.

One day, Lord Soth and his knights came across a group of bandits attacking a party of elven women who on their way to the city of Ironstead. Soth’s knights engaged the bandits while Soth himself chased down the bandit captain, a great ogre who was attempting to flee with one of the captive women. Soth slew the Ogre in single combat and rescued the elf maid, Isolde. The knights agreed to escort the elveen women to Ironstead. During the trip, however, Soth became infatuated with the beautiful Isolde and seduced her. The two became secret lovers and Isolde became pregnant with Soth’s child.

Soth then truly began his slide into darkness. He arranged for his Seneschal Caradoc to murder Lady Gladria in her bed so that Soth would be free to wed Isolde. This Caradoc duly did, but Soth’s indiscretions with the elf maid had been discovered by the other Knights of of the Hart. Soth was accused of adultery and of failing to live up to the chivalrous oaths he had sworn. Also, because of his apparent indifference to Gladria’s death, he was suspected of complicity in his wife’s murder. Soth was convicted of these crimes, stripped of his knightly orders, and imprisoned. Shortly thereafter, Soth escaped from prison with the aid of his thirteen loyal knights and returned to Dargaard Keep. The Knights of the Hart followed and laid siege to the castle. Soth married Isolde, but their life inside Dargaard was not a happy one. Soth became sullen and abusive to those around him, even to his new wife and child.

In a moment of clarity, Soth prayed to the gods for a quest to redeem his honor. The gods responded, instructing the disgraced knight to travel to the city of Gensal and prevent the Kingpriest there from demanding excessive power from the gods. They threatened to crush Gensal with a giant meteor if Soth failed. Soth slipped out of the besieged castle and set out on his quest. However, on the way Gensal, his wife’s companions goaded Soth with lies about Isolde’s fidelity and the paternity of their son. Consumed with rage and jealousy, Soth abandoned his quest and turned back. The gods made good their threat in a massively destructive event just as Soth returned to Dargaard to confront his wife. Divine fire burned throughout the Keep. As she was dying Lady Isolde held out their son for her husband to save, but Soth refused and instead let them die. The fire burned Soth to death; however, he rose from the dead as a Death Knight.

The curse that turned Lord Soth into a Death Knight also affected others in his household. HIs thirteen knights were transformed into mindless skeletons under Soth’s command. The thirteen elven women of Lady Isolde’s party became banshees who constantly tormented Soth by reminding him of his failings. Caradoc remained the Seneschal of Dargaard Keep, only now as an incorporeal ghost. For a hundred years Soth sat on his throne in Dargaard, now known as the Shadow Keep in the Defiled Glades, but rumor has it another former knight of Furyondy has come to ask for his aid….

Lord Soth

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