Logan Blackwell

Knight of Greyhawk/Knight of the Hart




Logan was born in Fuyrondy and was the son of one of the great swordsman of the Knights of Fuyrondy, Lord Manfred Blackwell. When Logan was 11 months old, he and his fraternal twin sister, Katya, were sent away to Greyhawk from their castle by Manfred. The peasants in the area had gone mad. The rebel forces lynched and burnt down the houses/castles of knights and the knight’s families. Manfred stayed behind with his men to fight. It is a mystery as to what became of Manfred.

Logan was raised by his foster family to be proper and well educated. As he grew up, he became more and more determined to become a knight and to restore the former honor and glory of the Blackwell family. He went on many journeys all over Oerik learning about the knights and what became of this father. When he was a young man, he learned that an old friend and fellow knight of his father, Lord Odric Sevren, was responsible for his father’s disappearance.

Logan received his fathers armor and sword as a young man. Though the armor was a bit big for him, he wore it always and assumed the role of a knight. He was a great swordsman, though not so much as his father. During his adventures with the Heroes of Greyhawk, Logan became an invaluable member to them and the City of Greyhawk and eventually became a knight himself.

At the request of Prince Thrommel, Logan is currently away from Greyhawk working on security protocols for the Prince’s wedding to Jolene of Samprastadar.

Logan Blackwell

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