Lilith Darkmane

Mistress of Urq'azzt




A devoted priestess of the demon-goddess Lolth, she is the religious and political leader of the drow nation on Kule. She dwells in the Great Temple that forms the geometric center of the drow underground city of Urq’azzt

Lililth is a very attractive, dark-skinned dark elf. Most of the drow on Kule have white or silver hair. Lililth, in contrast, has hair of richest midnight black, which she wears waist-length. Her features are finely chiseled, with high cheekbones, and almond-shaped eyes that glitter with sharp intelligence. She is thought to be over 500 years old, but nobody knows for sure. For her part, Lililth never speaks of her origins. She came to Kule only three centuries ago, rapidly working her way up through the church hierarchy. Some 75 years ago, she built up enough support in both arms of the drow government, the secular and the religious, to be named Empress/Priestess. Since that time, she has worked behind the scenes to reinforce her authority. Unlike many drow rulers elsewhere in the universe, Lililth rules through reason and example rather than force and terror. She usually explains to her subordinates all the reasons behind her orders and policy decisions, believing-apparently correctly that people are more willing to follow instructions if they understand why they were issued in the first place. This is not to imply that Lililth is weak. On the contrary, she is decisive and will use whatever force is necessary to see that her wishes are carried out.

Those rulers of Oerth who deal directly with Lililth believe her to be honorable and open, truly interested in creating “win-win” situations in all negotiations. They seem to forget that she has made it to the top in a culture that considers Machiavellian maneuvering to be a way of life ….

Lilith Darkmane

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