Former Ruler of the Redhand (deceased)




Lashonna’s is an incredibly beautiful elven woman with long silver hair. She is never seen in public wearing the same outfit more than once. Her voice is almost supernaturally harming and soothing to listen to and she possesses an incredible knowledge of history. At times, this knowledge almost seems to be first hand. Lashonna’s silken tongue and grace are known throughout Alhaster. She is surprisingly easy to get along with, yet notoriously difficult to learn anything about. Soft-spoken and mirthful, her disapproving glance alone has been enough in the past to send those she has become offended by to commit suicide.

Lashonna was formally a paragon of virtue, a mighty silver dragon who once fought with a band of hermetic druids based in the Rift Canyon. Lashonna was captured in a key battle by the great dracolich Dragotha and transformed into one of his evil minions. She has since succumbed wholly to her evil nature but still nurtures a terrific hatred for her master, and plots to usurp his role as Kyuss’ primary agent in the world. Today, Lashonna serves as the high priest of the Ebon Triad, yet for all her power she still rankles at being ranked below Dragotha in the church of Kyuss. If only there were a way to supplant him.

Lashonna has been the true ruler of Redhand for centuries, and has quietly and secretly manipulated a long line of rulers. Zeech is merely the latest pawn. In Zeech, Lashonna has finally found a minion with the drive to see the creation of the ziggurat needed to bring Kyuss back from the brink, yet the fallen paladin also possesses something that Lashonna greatly fears; a conscience. It may be suffocated deep below his cruel and despotic exterior, yet it remains a weakness that the vampiric dragon hopes to keep suppressed, shackled by ambition and ideology.

For decades, Lashonna has also served as the unseen guiding hand of the Ebon Triad. She is a cruel and manipulative genius intent on calling Kyuss to her so she can become his bride, and in this plan, the Ebon Triad is nothing more than a tool.

Lashonna was slain by the Heroes of Greyhawk


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