Katya Blackwell

Knight of Greyhawk




Katya was born in Furyondy and is the fraternal twin of Logan Blackwell and daughter of one of the greatest swordsman of the Knights of Fuyrondy, Lord Manfred Blackwell. When Katya was 11 months old, she and her brother, Logan, were sent away to Greyhawk from their castle by Manfred. The peasants in the area had gone mad. The rebel forces lynched and burnt down the houses/castles of knights and the knight’s families. Manfred stayed behind with his men to fight. It is a mystery as to what became of Manfred.

She was raised, along with her brother, by a foster family to be proper and well educated. Katya cared little for being proper and despised the thought of being married off like she was someone else’s property. Her foster parents disagreed with her choice, but with the help of an old family friend, Sir Nordan Gram, she eventually followed her brothers footsteps and joined the ranks of the Knights of Greyhawk.

She was last stationed at Blackwall Keep near the Mistmarsh and has only recently returned to Greyhawk after the keep was under siege from the lizard-folk.

Katya Blackwell

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