Baronet Harlan Evershire MacCormick Jorgen von Donnical VIII





Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a happy bright lad. Eldest of the von Donnical children, young Harlan’s life was easy. He lived the life of wealth and privilege, the family running the mines just outside of town, but as he aged, he learned life was not so stable. At 17, just before reaching official adult-hood, his house was set ablaze, and his family murdered. Young Harlan was lucky, he was spending time away from the estate with friends of the family, who hid and protected the young boy.

Having no other option, Harlan became an adventurer, taking up at first with a company of heroes who were just starting their adventures. This is where he met the Errol. While their personalities were quite different (Harlan preferring order and neatness, the other was more carefree), they became fast friends. Eventually, Harlan felt it was time to face the men who stole his heritage and killed his family. Needless to say, it went badly for them. They had not known of any survivors, nor were they as powerful as he and his cohort, Faith, a shadowdancer he rescued and who swore her life to serve him. Together, they purged the mine, killed the men who were responsible for the damage and rebuilt the family estate.

Recently, Harlan received word that his good friend was in town. He invited him over to reflect upon old times, and to spend some time again with his old comrade.

Baronet Harlan Evershire MacCormick Jorgen von Donnical VIII

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