Hans Arclavian




Dark-haired and generously mustached with hints of grey revealing his age, Hans Arclavian kept his hair tightly pulled back in a ponytail. Weathered skin and a prominent scar on his chin are reminders to all who meet him of his military past, along with the cold, grey eyes. In spite of this, Hans Arclavian pulls of a lordly look with his expensive black silk clothing and a striking silver chain clasp that displays his personal crest – a tower upon a scarlet field with the rising sun behind it. On the surface a disarmingly blunt merchant and warrior but beneath it all Hans Arclavian was a subtle and merciless plotter. A well-versed veteran of the Black Hand forces with 15 years experience, Hans Arclavian was tough and trained in the skills of both warfare and survival.

Hailing from a wealthy noble house, Hans Arclavian made a name for himself as a member of the Black Hand Slavers over the course of 15 years service. He eventually came to have his own citadel and 76 personal bodyguards at his command, all which were defeated by the Heroes of Greyhawk.

One of many aliases used by Chiang

Hans Arclavian

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