Jaunter/ Member of the Wayfarer's Union




“Where can you find me? That’s a tough question. I spend my time traveling, but always end up back in Sigil. As they say, all doors lead to Sigil.” – Gryfalcon

As a traveling companion, he’s easy going and pleasant to be around. He’s friendly and relaxed, able to take care of himself, and willing to lend a hand with chores such as set-ting up camp or taking watch. He treats everyone fairly and expects to be treated fairly in return.

Gryfalcon has been on the run from the Drow for his aid to the Heroes of Greyhawk during their expedition to the Demonweb. He was hiding in Sigil and attempting to set up a meet with the group, but was betrayed by Kenshasta and sold to the Lrah dharuk in Erelhei-Cinlu. There is a rumor going around that Zithirian is upset that he didn’t get Gryfalcon first.

Zithirian was able to break Gryfalcon out of prison and force him to use the Codex of Inifinite Planes during the siege of Urq’azzt on the moon of Kule. The heroes of Greyhawk were able to rescue Gryfalcon from Zithirian during the battle and had him aid in their attack on the Illithid outposts and and the destruction of the two Soul-Eater devices.


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