Garric was born in Menzoberranzan and attended the Melee-Magthere when he became of age. During a caravan run in the Vault his group was attacked and taken prisoner by a rival house. He was sold into slavery by his own people to be a gladiator in the mind-flayer fighting pits of Dra-Mur-Shou. After many years he escaped with the help of a fellow slave, a missionary of Eilistraee, named Tavas Uthorrin. Garric’s new found faith led him into studies of divine magic which is normally reserved for female Drow. With his training from the Melee-Magthere, years of being a gladiator, and his years of study in the divine arts, Garric has created a unique fighting and spell casting style. He also has an unnatural ability to learn skills quickly and retain information.

He has recently been working with Tavas, under the leadership of Zserin Zauzynge, to investigate all Illitihid run operations on the moon of Kule and any operations in the realm of the Underdark. He is in good standing with most Drow noble houses as they have no idea who he is really working for and believe him to still be a devout follower of Lolth.


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