Rogue/Shadowdancer (Deceased)




Faith is the cohort of Harlan Evershire MacCormick Jorgen von Donnical VIII.

Born in a small village near the Nyr Dyr, Faith was a young slave of 14 to a town that had been conquered by orcs, 3 years before, when a band of adventurers showed up and freed the slaves from their humanoid masters.

Her village had been overrun in the great wars, orcs slaying all the defenders. Making the rest slaves. Many slaves died under the harsh conditions, but Faith, an orphan by now, survived.

An elfin druid, a man of faith, a gnomish wizard and a warlock were in the lead of the host of soldiers that fought off the orcs, slaying most. The warlock took out a orc shaman that had decided to finally use her as a sacrifice to his god in exchange for power to defeat the heroes.

Faith swore to serve him at this point, and she has been faithful and loyal to him since then. Her skills at survival were honed, she stood in the shadows, killing who Harlan asked. Sometimes assassin, sometimes entertainment, sometimes companion, Faith has found her place in the world serving her Master.


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