Errol Revlon

Half Elven Swashbuckler/Favored Soul




​Errol was born on the Lendore Isles before The Final Calamity, when all non-elves were banished from the Islands. Her mother was an elven priestess of Sehahine and her father was a human sorcerer and ancestor of Lendore himself. During a trip to Medegia their ship came under attack from the Scarlet Brotherhood. The ship was blasted to pieces and any survivors were taken as slaves or murdered if they resisted. Her parents were killed and she and her sister, Annelaise, were separated and sold to smugglers from the Dullstrand.

Although her buyers were smugglers and cutthroats, they treated her well and taught her how to run a ship, navigate the seas, and fight with a sword. Eventually Errol became a trusted member of the crew and served with them for many years until joining an all half-elven crewed ship from the Medegian coast. It was an open secret that this crew were smugglers, willing to transport any cargo for a price to and from Lendore, especially for the human resistance force that operates from a magical stronghold above Lendore Isle. As if a nightmare out of the past came back to finish what they started, the Medegian smugglers came under attack from the Scarlet Brotherhood. Once again most of the crew were murdered, taken captive, or left for dead on a ship that would soon make its home on the bottom of the sea. Fortunately for a few of the crewman that were thought dead, including Errol, a group of adventurers on a diplomatic mission rescued them from certain death. Errol, wanting a change of scenery, accompanied the adventurers back to the Realm of Greyhawk. It was here, during a bar brawl in Dyvers, that she met Harlan. They have been good friends and adventuring companions ever since.

Errol Revlon

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