Countess Kyaren Rhavelle




In any other society, the golden-haired Countess Rhavelle would be considered an old maid: 45 years old, never married, handsomely appealing, strong-willed and unexpectedly fiery. In the Gold County, this is just a testament to her value as both woman and noble, for surely, her standards must be high! And they are. Much of the Gold County’s unique society is reflected in its countess, who is its supreme and model peer. She lives in a sprawling estate that claims much of the western third of the county, and walks like a queen amongst the nobles in Libernen.

Countess Rhavelle is a cunning woman, posing as an almost ingenuous socialite while actually possessing very sharp wit and insight. She admired Belvor’s craftiness, but she did not believe that Furyondy would face war for many years. For this reason, she stood steadfast against supplying extra revenue to the crown.

Rhavelle considers Duke Tyneman an effete ninny and Luther Derwent a wet blanket. She is wary of ambitious Baron Butrain of Willip, and dislikes the northern provincial rulers. She most admires Baron Jemian, but in truth the Countess is highly self confident and very reluctant to ever admit that she might be wrong.

Countess Kyaren Rhavelle

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