Carmen Halmaster

Guildmaster of the Merchant's and Trader's Union (Deceased)




He is likely the wealthiest member of the Oligarchy, with a fortune built on an uncanny ability to predict changes in trade patterns. A former smuggler, he dominates the cloth trade to such an extent that the Clothworkers’ Guild holds its meetings in his trading house. Carmen lives alone behind layers of security. An attack by an assassin sent by an evil cult left him crippled shortly before the Greyhawk Wars, and he has grown more paranoid with every passing year.

Carmen is one of the Oligarchy members that supports Anton Palmirian for the new Lord Mayor in the upcoming election

Carmen is an Illithid hybrid spy. He has been shipping the mind-worms to the Rakasta in the Amedio and has tainted the City of Greyhawk’s water supply for the upcoming “Soul Collection”

He was recently secretly executed by the Heroes of Greyhawk. Chiang is currently masquerading as Carmen.

Carmen Halmaster

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