Baroness Jelleneth of Kalinstren




The daughter of the fallen Baron Kalinstren, Jelleneth rules the province with a fair hand and a watchful eye on her borders. She is a devout follower of Trithereon and has a fiery temper. She enjoys good relations with Count Jakartai, however, she is watched closely by Belvor, lest her actions drive Furyondy into another series of battles unprepared.

The Baroness actively lobbies the King to strike back at Iuz by retaking control of Lake Whyestil which she believes is the key to pushing all the way to Dorakaa, Iuz’s capital city. Her steadfast desire to take the battle to Iuz’s homeland has made her a popular hero among the common folk of the land, a source of wonder to members of Chendl’s Knightly Conclave, and a thorn in the side of the aging King. She hates wasting time with politics, and all she really cares about from an important visitor is whether he brings money, goods or men for the cause. Kalinstren’s goal is resumption of war. She continues to prepare every day waiting for it to arrive.

Baroness Kalinstren may be chaotic, but she rules her provisional capital, Redoubt, with an iron fist, much like her father

Baroness Jelleneth of Kalinstren

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