Paladin/Ranger (Vassal of Bahamut)




​Aravir was born in the small village community of Corustaith. He was raised in a family of Ranger Knights of Greyhawk. He learned the ways of the woodsmen from his father Brom and his older brother Michael. ​

Aravir learned that an unhatched Greyhawk dragon egg was being smuggled to evil Tiamat priests by a band of Ketza and decided to intercept and retrieve the egg; Because of his interference in the Cult of Tiamat’s plans, Aravir’s family was marked for death. Nazdulamomatharian, a devout follower of Tiamat, murdered Aravir’s mother, Anna, and two younger siblings, Skandar and Sibylla. Against the wishes of this Father, Aravir hunted down and slayed Nazdulamomatharian alone.

Aravir met Chiang, Logan, and Kenshasta by accident in the Free City of Greyhawk. Their deeds eventually got them the attention of the Lord Mayor, and he saw that they could be useful in taking care of many issues that plagued Greyhawk and the surrounding kingdoms. The group was tasked to perform many duties as protectors of the Realm of Greyhawk, even if it meant traveling the vast lands and oceans of Oerth and to the many layers of the Abyss making deals with demon lords and other villains of the netherworld. After returning from the Isle of Dread to stop the Savage Tide, Aravir set out to rejoin his fellow vassals of Bahamut to continue his hunt for the Cult of Tiamat members. A trap was set by the Lords of Dust and Aravir was captured before he could meet Captain Havarr of the Frost Citadel. He was turned over to the Illithid and his mind was probed. A doppelgänger posing as Aravir assassinated the former High Elf ambassador Golradir Narmolanya in the Greyhawk Oligarchy council chambers. Chiang and the new members of the group, Harlan and Errol, eventually found Aravir and rescued him from the clutches of the doppelgänger leader, an Illithid known as Zyrxog.

Once again he is traveling with his old comrade, Chiang, and new friends Errol and Harlan to investigate the cult of the Ebon Triad, learn the mysteries of the Age of Worms, and to put an end to the vile plans of the Drow and Illithid.


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