Anton Palmirian

Chief Judge, Guildmaster of the Guild of Lawyers, Scribes and Accountants




Sir Anton Palmirian is a Director of the ruling Oligarchy of the Free City of Greyhawk, as well as the Guildmaster of the Guild of Lawyers, Scribes and Accountants, the most powerful guild in the city. While he is a city judge, Sir Anton rarely arbitrates in court. He normally spent much of his time advising the Lord Mayor and Directing Oligarchy on legal matters, but when Nerof, Boccoun, and Ravener went missing he started to make moves to become the next Lord Mayor.Sir Anton Palmirian has a long and sordid past, and he does his best to keep it covered up, along with many of his current endeavors.

Anton started out as a street rat in the Old City. The Horned Society was newly formed, and agents had been sent to infiltrate Greyhawk’s government and militia. Part of this infiltration force was a devil-worshipping priest who had been sent on a mission of sedition. The priest started formenting unrest in the native populace by abducting orphans and children that had strayed from adult supervision for use in his diabolic rituals. Anton was one of these children. When the agents of the fledging Guild of Assassins eventually tracked down the secret lair of the priest, they found that the man had already been dispatched by a blood-soaked and horrified 12-year-old boy. The agents and city rulers were so impressed with the story of this brave sole-survivor of tragedy, that he was knighted as a member of the Order of the Rook, a non-military order of knights who have performed some exceptionally great service toward the betterment or protection of Greyhawk. He was considered a ward of the city, and was taken in by one of the assassins. Sir Anton seemed to possess a relentless drive to better himself and get as far away from his humble origins as possible. His guardian was an alma mater of the School of Clerkship, and had arranged for Anton to attend when he was old enough. After completing the school’s enscription program, Anton continued on with advanced work in journalism. His teachers were very impressed with his determination, unfailing memory, and his ability to grasp subtle and complex concepts instantly. Upon graduating, he applied for guild membership in the Guild of Lawers and Scribes. The scribes filled all positions within the extended bureaucracy that translated the Directorship’s rulings into action, and Sir Anton turned his ambition towards learning the machinery of government and advancing within the guild. As he began climbing the ranks of the guild, first as court reporter, then legal aide, lawyer, judge, and finally Chief Judge of Greyhawk, the young knight managed to acquire sole interest in a small mercantile empire. He very shrewdly married into a wealthy merchant family and took over the family business from his ailing father-in-law. Over time he managed to replace family members in key positions with new management and increased the profitability of his business substantially by burning the midnight oil. When the time came to divorce his wife so that he could do the whole thing over again, his burgeoning knowledge of the law allowed him to maintain complete ownership of his budding cartel. Palmirian is vying for the Lord Mayor’s spot.

Anton was to be assassinated during Operation Kenku, but escaped the city. His current whereabouts are unknown

Anton Palmirian

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