Annelaise Dularie

Leader of the Circle of Black Moss




Annelaise is the leader of The Circle of Black Moss and is the fraternal twin of Errol Revlon

Annelaise was born on the Lendore Isles before The Final Calamity, when all non-elves were banished from the Islands. Her mother was an elven priestess of Sehahine and her father was a human sorcerer and ancestor of Lendore himself. During a trip to Medegia their ship came under attack from the Scarlet Brotherhood. The ship was blasted to pieces and any survivors were taken as slaves or murdered if they resisted. Her parents were killed and she and her sister, Errol, were separated and sold to smugglers from the Dullstrand. She escaped her captors after a few weeks, but became lost in the Vast Swamp. Almost dead from malnourishment and the elements, she was found by a group made up of fugitives, refugees, and smugglers. There she met Sani, The Old One. He took her in and trained her in the the magical arts as she had somewhat of a natural talent for it. Annelaise embraced her new family and soon forgot about Lendorian life. She however, did not forget her hatred of the Scarlet Brotherhood and vowed to one day avenge her family. During her teens she met Hashkeh Naabah, an elven warlock and sword-master. From him she learned the darker side of magic and how to use a blade. They decided to organize others who had a talent for magic and fighting, and who were not afraid to act as their enemies would to accomplish their mission. They formed the Circle of Black Moss and took it upon themselves to use any and all means of force to distribute their form of justice.

Annelaise Dularie

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