Battlefield Oerth

It's a nice day for a red wedding
Shadows of the past

The heroes of Greyhawk are tasked with helping their old friend Logan Blackwell with security for the Royal Furyondy wedding. Decoys of Prince Thrommel and his betrothed, Jolene of Samprastadar are set to take an overland route with King Belvor and Canon Hazen while the real Prince Thrommel and Lady Jolene will travel with Chiang, Logan, Garric, and Harlan down the Velvedyva River with a short stop at Tyneman’s Chateau. Before the heroes set out on this mission, Nerof mentions to them that another member of The Grey Hand will contact them during their journey.

The group boards their ship in Kisail, and are greeted by their old friend Logan. He introduces them to Thrommel, Jolene, and his retinue of knights tasked with protection of the soon to be married couple. They see their contact from the Grey Hand, and find out it is none other than the legendary bounty hunter, Dumah. He gives them a short break down of his current mission and hopes they can be of some aid. He is tracking some missing noble children and Dumah informs them he has just recently gained some new information while surveilling a couple of nobles aboard the vessel.

The boat ride comes to a pause in the evening as expected, and the nobles are shuttled off to Tyneman’s Chateau to stay for the night. The group, along with Logan and his knights, set up security in and around the Chateau. The evening into the night is uneventful, but during the early hours of morning the sounds of clashing swords and armor erupts from the southern courtyard. Chiang spies an old enemy, Loris, now a death knight, riding in on his nightmare from the east. Chiang is able to ambush and easily defeat Raknian, but inside the room of Prince Thrommel and Lady Jolene, Harlan and Garric are surprised attacked by a Maedar Monk. Dumah surveys the fighting of Duke Tyneman’s men, along with Logan’s knights fighting an unknown enemy in the courtyard. He decides to head upstairs to check on the royal couple and sees that some of the guards have already been murdered by men on the inside. He finds a few if the traitors attempting to break down the door to Thrommel and Jolene’s room, and quietly starts cutting throats. The Maedar turns Faith into stone, grabs Thrommel, and phases through the floor as Chiang comes through the ceiling in Ethereal form. Chiang follows Thrommel and his captor towards the west courtyard and he finds himself in the middle of a battle between many knights. In the middle of this chaos he sees Logan fighting Sir Valtteri Kinnunen, and he seems to be losing badly. The Maedar throws Thrommel down and turns to face Chiang just as a few more players enter the field. Towards the end of the courtyard enter Ophioverdaurare, her daughter, Andrathriinaalym, Manfred Blackwell, and a small host of Mandalorian Mercenaries. Manfred runs over to intervene before his son, Logan, is slaughtered by Kinnunen. Ophio and Andrathriina aid the Dukes men, and the Knights of the Hart. The Maedar tried to hold his own, but finds out he is no much for the skills of Chiang and his pummeled into dust. The heroes learn that their new allies need to speak with Prince Thrommel about gaining an audience with his father, King Belvor. The Prince agrees to have Ophio and Manfred meet with his father tomorrow. The next day the heroes get to their final destination of Verbobonc City.

Dumah decides to keep tabs on his prime suspect in the missing noble children case while the other party members meet with Logan and go over the security protocols before the wedding. Dumah trails the suspect to a ruined tower on the outskirts of the city, but the trail stops cold and he needs to get back to the city to join the rest of the group to get a discern location spell cast to get the exact location of Manzessine Prison somewhere deep in the Underdark. The group plane jumps to the location near the dug out cave in that once blocked the entrance to Manzessine. The old Illithid prison seems almost empty and very quiet except for an eerie screeching roar that echos through the prison as the group slowly makes there way deeper into the darkness. Dumah hears a man chanting in Draconic. He slips back through the darkness to inform the group what he has heard. Garric decides to get closer to see if he can decipher what the man is saying and figures out it’s some type of ritualistic spell to place a Rune of Destruction upon something. Dumah makes his way to the room and peeks in. He sees 6 mutant Illithid, Lord Goldsaex in blood red armor, and a dozen children bound with chains laying on the ground with glowing runes all over their bodies.

The team decides to sneak into the room using their expert skills and indivisibility spells. They failed to notice the symbol of death at the entrance and Garric screams out in pain while the others are able to resist the spells effects. Goldsaex points and the champions and orders the Illithid to “kill the interlopers!”. Chiang unleashes a dozen of his shuriken into Goldsaex, but any time he gets hit, his wounds close up and the force bubbles dissipate as soon as they activate. Dumah throws a few daggers into Goldsaex. Harlan floats up to the ceiling and fires off cold spells into 5 of the 6 Illithids, and then casts an Eldritch Doom Blast into all of the Illithids and Goldsaex. Garric casts Implosion on an Illithid nearest to him, but it has no effect. The Illithid attempt to attack the heroes but miss wildly throwing punches. Goldsaex yells something in Draconic and all the chromatic breath weapon attacks burst out of him and hit everyone except Harlan. Garric heals himself and concentrates to implode one of the Illithid. Goldsaex opens his mouth and negative energy shoots out towards the heroes damaging Garric again. Chiang throws another dozen shuriken at Goldsaex and his magic finally runs out, and he is killed. The group eventually slays the remaining Illithids. The group is left trying to figure out how to dispel the magic upon the children. They realize it would take more magic than they have and too much time to perform it without outside help. Chiang tells the group that he needs to plane jump away and for them to not do anything until he returns. Chiang returns along with Orcus, Ruler of the Thanatos, and currently the Demon Prince of the Abyss. Orcus removes the death magic from the children with his skull wand, gives a nod to Chiang and teleports away. The group unbinds the children from the chains and wakes them all up. The Group discovers that Goldsaex’s Tiamat medallion is a gate key that will transport them back to the ruined tower near the city of Verbobonc. They decide to use the Gate Key and open a portal to go back to the city.

The heroes mingle with some of the local nobles and wedding guests the evening before the wedding takes place. Harlan decides to chat up some of the guests talking about his mining business back in Diamond Lake, and inquiring about the Cult of Tiamat, and any other interesting rumors. The next day the heroes and all the guests gather for the wedding ceremony. Thrommel and Jolene are married and the wedding banquet begins with great cheer.

Suddenly the sky begins to darken and the air becomes colder. Alarms start to go off, and Belvor starts shouting commands to his knights. Off in the distance dark wispy figures can be seen, and the wail of banshees are heard. Through the gate of the courtyard, skeletons dressed in armor start to pour into the castle grounds and floating above the crowd is the death knight, Lord Soth. A knight named Janus appears in the middle of the crowd, and mirrors himself into 12 duplicates. A shout of Belvor’s name comes from another man pointing a crossbow at the king. It is Lord Odric Sevren, and he looses multiple quarrels into Belvor’s chest. At this moment. Chiang notices the king’s right hand man, General Gallantren leaving through a side passage, and he sees the visage of a Rakshasa Lord of Dust, Durastoran, cover the Generals face for a moment.

Chiang decides to attack Janus and his clones and throws 12 shuriken. 7 of the images disappear as the shuriken strike their targets. Harlan tosses a sphere of annihilation at Odric and barely wounds him. Faith grabs Jolene and ushers her away from the battle. Janus attempts to kill Chiang with a word but it has no effect. Odric swings his sword at Harlan, but misses as he crowds of frigthened guests get in his way. Lord Soth fires a netherblast into Chiang. Faith is intercepted by Sir Valtteri Kinnunen and is cut to pieces in seconds. He captures Jolene and plane jumps away. Harlan feels her lifeforce leave her body. Chiang continues his shuriken attacks against Janus and his clones and strikes him down. Odric and Soth move in to attack Thrommel, but then notices Ophioverdaurare, Andrathriinaalym, Manfred Blackwelland his Mandalorian Mercenaries and decide to teleport away. Thrommel, runs over and cradles the body of his father, and he yells out to Logan asking about Jolene’s whereabouts. Logan runs off to see if he can find her and finds Harlan standing over Faiths mutilated body, and next to it is Jolene’s tiara with a dagger run through it. The sky begins to slowly brighten and a it begins to snow….

Kyuss End Game
Worms. Why'd it have to be worms?

As the team returns to MagePoint, Harlan and Manzorian resurrect Errol. Manzorian informs that his agents have received information that the city of Alhaster is in chaos. The minions of Kyuss roam the streets and his most devout follower, Lashonna plans to let him loose into the Prime Material Plane. Manzorian and his fellow wizards will place a dimensional lock over the city stopping spawns of Kyuss from entering or leaving the city, while the Heroes of Greyhawk set out to destroy the Unlife Vortex under the Alhaster bone yard, and then to destroy Kyuss before he gains any more strength and becomes unstoppable.

The heroes windwalk across the Nyr Dyv and land outside the temple of Wee Jas. Harlan questions the lead priestess to see if they can gain any more info before seeking out the Unlife Vortex. She explains they may find a way down through an old tomb hidden in a copse of sour apple trees. They discover the entrance and make there way into the tomb below. They battle there way past avolakia ghost priests and crimson deaths and finally find the device channeling negative energy into the dark spire atop the temple to the south of the city. Harlan figures a way out to overload the device and they wall of the room to minimize and back blast that may be caused. They find Captain Vulras along with some mercenaries, but the ranger and his men have been charmed and dominated by the powers of Lashonna. Harlan is able to dispel the magic, and Vulras thanks them and asks to join them in their crusade as he wants payback.

They head to the recently finished ziggurat at the south edge of town, easily make there way past the Kyuss Knights guarding the entrance and into the Lashonna’s lair. She greets them with a wicked smile and thanks them for taking care of Dragotha. She sends her Blessed Angels in to attack the group while she unleashed a cone of cold from her mouth. The battle rages on and Errol loses her head from a death blow from one of the Blessed Angels. They finally defeat Lashonna and her erinyes bodyguards. The quickly resurrect Errol….again. At this moment Gryfalcon teleports in with Abraxas, Anthony Kratz, and a half dozen of Kratz’s golden golems to help in the fight against Kyuss.

Kyuss emerges from the spire as a massive figure made of worms wielding a giant battle mace. Aravir, in dragon form, and Abraxas fly in a unleash a duel blast of fire. Kratz fires energy bolts from his armored gloves and is pummeled by Kyuss’s mace and goes flying into a building blocks away. The rest of the group enter the fray and flank Kyuss attacking him from all sides. Harlan summons a colossal spider to help the group. Kyuss targets the entire group with his divine blast of foul worms which cover half the city killing anything in its path. Chiang and the colossal spider deliver the killing blows finally destroying the weakened worm god putting an end to the Age of Worms.

In the aftermath of the battle, they hear the Prince Zeech has committed suicide after being released of Lashonna’s control. He could not forgive himself for what he had done to his people and his city.

The heroes return to Greyhawk to find the city in ruins. Many buildings have been burned. The temple of St. Cuthbert holding many of the refugees from Dyvers and Hardby was destroyed. They see the smoke from the piles of bodies being burned that were infected by the illithid. They hear that Nerof’s faction on the Oligarchy put Operation Kenku, Chiang’s plans of removing the corrupt oligarchy members that were either doppelgängers or illithid agents into play.

Into Erelhei-Cinlu and through the Underdark to Kule we go
The Rescue of Gryfalcon & the Illithid Plot

As the group is recuperating in Magepoint from their battle with Dragotha, they are contacted by Zserin. He informs the group that his contact on Kule, Tavas Uthorrin has discovered that the Illithid have two Soul Eater devices and one of them has already been launched. Zserin instructs the group to head to Erelhei-Cinlu to meet with Xull’Rae Zauvir so they can get intel to rescue Gryfalcon as they will need him to help with their efforts on Kule. Harlan decides to stay in MagePoint and help Manzorian and Celeste research a way to resurrect his old friend Errol Revlon since she died in a negative energy zone while doing battle in Dragotha’s lair.

Garric via Xull’Rae arranges for the group to get an Erelhei-Cinlu resident medallion for Aravir, and Chiang disguises himself as a Drow to act as a slave to Garric. They make there way into the Vault and past the inspection at the Black Tower. After they arrive in the city the group makes their way to the Anti-Solar Institute. They are greeted by some Derro who escort them into a study where Xull’Rae and an Illithid known as Liscul are waiting for them. Xull’Rae explains that Gryfalcon is being held in the Mountain of Pain, a prison near the Female Fighter Society stronghold in the Vault. In return for her help getting them into the Vault and keeping the drow off their back they are to assassinate Zhīzhū Nǚwáng, the current mistress of Erelhei-Cinlu as Xull-Rae is vying to take her place. She also has Liscul give them 4 vials of a mysterious liquid that will make them immune to the affects of the Illithid mind blast and other powers for a short time.

They make there way through the Vault past the Female Fighter Society Stronghold and to the entrance to the prison where they are questioned by a couple of female driders. Garric bluff’s his way to have them open the outer doors explaining that he has captured Aravir of Greyhawk. After verifying that it is indeed Aravir (feigning that he is unconscious), they are led into a small waiting area for prisoners before the main prison entrance opens. There are a half dozen guards along with some prisoners waiting until the specific time that the main entrance will open. The Drow guards make a call into the prison explaining that a high value target(Aravir) will be entering the prison soon with Garric of Menzoberranzan. A female voice is heard over the guards scry crystal, and Garric recognizes it as Zhīzhū, Mistress of Erelhei-Cinlu. He is suspicious as to why she would be at the prison at all. The main prison entrance starts to slide open and the guards corral the prisoners down the hallways to their cells or interrogation chambers. Zhīzhū and two heavily armored female driders come to welcome Garric. Through some small talk Garric discovers that Gryfalcon has been broken out of this prison, most likely by Zithirian, and is probably already to Kule. The two driders talk Aravir and start down the hallway. Garric and Chiang attack Zhīzhū when they notice Aravir make his move on the two driders. Zhīzhū is killed and the rest of the team is in a battle against multiple driders as reinforcements have made they way back to the entrance room chamber. The drider’s attempt to split the group by webbing up the hallway entrances, but Chiang passes through with ease with his ability to go Ethereal. They finish off the remaining driders and Garric uses a spell to find another exit as the main entrance will not open until the next day. The spell leads them to a room deep inside the mountain where they find a concrete and metal cage suspended in a flooded bottomless pit. Chiang smashed his way through the cage piece and the group drops into the room. It seems as if they have entered a pocket dimension as the room has no view-able boundaries. A light from one side of the room starts to appear and get brighter until a massive demon comes through and attacks the three champions. The defeat the mysterious demon and and pass through the dimensional portal it came through and find themselves in the Underdark of Kule.

Garric leads the group to Urq’azzt so he can make contact with Tavas, as his last communication with him was cut off just as Tavas was explaining that the city was under attack by an army of the Undead. Aravir, Chiang, and Garric reach the city to see it is currently besieged by Zithirian’s undead army. They see Tavas with Lilith Darkmane and her entourage and make their way to discuss what should be done.

Tavas informs them that the Illithid have not one, but two of the Soul-Eater devices and the one they did know about has already been launched and is headed to make orbit over Greyhawk. The must get the possessed Gryfalcon away from Zithirian before they make they way to the launching silo for the other Soul-Eater device. They decide to disguise themselves as drow and teleport into Zithirian’s camp and ambush him while Aravir grabs Gryfalcon and purges his soul to break the possession. Aravir grapples Gryfalcon and Chiang grabs onto Aravir to abundant step them across the city, but Zithirian decides to come along for the ride. Zithirian regrettably finds himself surrounded by Lilith’s troops and Lilith herself as the champions of Greyhawk make their escape from the battle and head to the second Illithid device.

With the help of Gryfalcon, the band of heroes teleports to the launch facility for the second Soul Eater spelljammer. They are unable to discern the location of the device and have to resort to interrogating one of the Illithid’s at the facility. He tells them where to go, but when they arrive, they are greeted by a monstrosity that none of them could ever thought possible to exist…a Brain Eater Dragon. A dragon with the powers of an illithid guards the last device. Luckily, the group had their serum to defend against the powers of the illithid and were able to defeat the terrible fiend.

They hijack the immense spelljammer known as the Soul Eater and set a course to ram it into it’s sister ship that is currently harvesting souls in an orbit over what is most likely the city of Greyhawk. The other Illithid nautiloid ships are unable to stop them and the two Soul Eater vessels collide. Gryfalcon transports the party to the nearest nautiloid ship where they overpower the crew and take control. Gryfalcon, unable to get complete control of the ship, says he will have to crash land it somewhere in the Nyr Dyv. At the last moment the group of heroes teleport out of the ship back to MagePoint before it crashes and sinks below the depths of the Nyr Dyv

Here there be Dragons
The whole can of wyrms

The group makes there way to the edge of the Rift Canyon and stealthily descend into what is known as the Wormcrawl Fissure, the home of the Dracolich, Dragotha. The reach the Writhing Tabernacle, the demesne of the avolakias, brilliant aberrations obsessed with the creation of the undead. The heroes battle the avolakian priests guarding the temple, but one escapes. Chiang is in pursuit, but runs into the unconscious body of Mahuudril, who looks as if she has been beaten and tortured.

The group decides to travel back to Magepoint to deliver Mahuudril somewhere safe and make a plan of attack to defeat Dragotha and destroy the monolith that houses the Worm God Kyuss. They arrive at Manzorian’s tower to find Celeste, Cymria, and Manzorian speaking with a Drow named Garric, who turns out to be an agent of Zserin Zauzynge. They are going over what looks to be blueprints, maps, and diagrams involving the Illithid. Manzorian informs them Zserin has sent Garric to aid them with taking out Dragotha and his minions. Chiang, and Aravir send out messages to their many contacts asking for aid.

The group sets out to confront Dragotha with the plan to have a couple of monk and ninja clans, along with some Archer Rangers from the Silverwood Forest led by Terieshi, and Celeste to teleport in as soon as they get to Dragotha’s lair. They meet no resistance making there way back inside the Wormcrawl Fissure to the Tabernacle of Worms. The temple is eerily quiet.

As they enter the Writhing Sanctum, Dragotha calls them out as being lap dogs for Lashonna. Along with the Draco-Lich are two of his loyal Dragon servants, Vermirox and Xyzanth. Aravir goes out to speak with Dragotha to delay, and give Chiang, Harlan, Errol and Garric time to maneuver and set their ambush into play. Within seconds a full out battle breaks out as the heroes rush into the fray. Moments later their allies start to teleport in, some arrive charred alive while others are smoking as if they were a falling star. The Archer Rangers fire volleys upon volleys of arrow at the Dragons. One clan of monks wade in only to be blasted to pieces by Dragotha’s Death Wind. Xyzanth flies into Aravir attempting to rip the paladin apart. Harlan starts blasting Vermirox, with the help of Errol and Faith. Garric moves and begins to launch spells. Chiang darts in and out through the Fog Clouds he’s prepared to attack Dragotha from behind. In a matter of seconds the monks are decimated, Errol is destroyed, Celeste lies wounded and dying, and the Archer Rangers of the Silverwood, along with Terieshi have been killed and transformed into wraiths. It looks as though all is lost, until Abraxas and two Greyhawk Dragons arrive and start attacking Dragotha. Aravir transforms into a gold dragon and joins in the attack against the Draco-lich. Garric, in one fell swoop destroys the wraiths, Chiang pummels Xyzanth into the ground and Harlan blasts Vermirox into oblivion. The entire group focuses their attention onto Dragotha slaying the ancient undead dragon just as Anthony Kratz arrives to help.

They pick up any wounded and what’s left of their allies along with the horde of treasure that Dragotha has attained over the millennia, and head back to Magepoint at the behest of Manzorian. While they were battling Dragotha and his followers the Age of Worms has begun!

The Greyhawk Rifts
"Can you dig it?"

The group of heroes are attacked by Darl and his motley crew of minions. Chiang breaks through Darl’s repulsion field and delivers a quivering palm strike that incapacitates Darl. Malhazar taunts Harlan about the death of his father, and quickly discovers that he made a horrible mistake. Harlan blasts the Efreeti and almost kills him instantly. Errol is badly injured by the mysterious cornugon devil. Seeing that things are not going their way, Krekei the Kenku, and Sabir, one half of the Sinfire twins, pick up their fallen comrades and teleport away, leaving Darl, and the cornugon to fend for themselves. The devil makes a run for it but is overcome by the group and defeated. The group secures the Roc Kings feather, and transport the Hand of Vecna to the archons in the Seven Heavens.

They bring the four items from their trials back to the Order of the Storm druids and are allowed to drink from the fountain of dreams. The group is transported 1,500 years back in time to the edge of the Rift Canyon where they are witness to a massive battle between mankind, the hordes of Kyuss’s undead, and Dragotha’s dragon army. They are greeted by the four Order of the Storm druid’s younger selves and Lashonna. The druids tell them they have Dragotha’s phylactery and are on their way to hide it in the citadel of weeping dragons in the city of Kongen Thulnir. The druids ask the heroes to hold the army of the undead at bay to give them enough time to secure the phylactery. Lashonna echoes the commands from the druids and dives into the rift transforming into a silver dragon as she heads out to confront Dragotha. The heroes survive the onslaught of Kyuss’s Boneyard Massacre Worm and his many undead minions. Before they are whisked away back to their own time, they see Lashonna take a mortal blow from Dragotha and plummet from the sky.

With the information gathered about Dragotha’s phylactery from the fountain of dreams the group makes haste to the Rift Canyon to infiltrate Kongen Thulnir before Dragotha learns the whereabouts of his phylactery. The heroes teleport to the edge of the city and find it besieged by dragons. They know they must retrieve the phylactery quickly before Dragotha’s minions or they risk never being able to defeat the ancient dracolich. They are able to circumvent much of the city’s security and use the chaos of the dragon/giant battle to stealthily make their way into the citadel of weeping dragons. They destroy the phylactery with little resistance and teleport back to Harlan’s tower in city of Greyhawk.

The Island of Misfit Monsters
"We're not in Greyhawk anymore"

At the follow-up meeting, Lashonna hands over Balakarde’s journal pages, which reveal a great deal about Kyuss and his rise in the Rift Canyon some 1500 years ago. Balakarde’s notes connect many of the information fragments the heroes may not have pieced together for themselves. The journal also reveals the history of the dracolich Dragotha, once a consort to Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon. Dragotha, Lashonna suggests, is trying to bring Kyuss back from his planar prison, perhaps to gain revenge upon him for tricking him into servitude centuries ago. In any event, if Kyuss returns it will almost certainly herald the Age of Worms, which will bring doom across the continent. In order to prevent Kyuss from returning, Lashonna suggests, the PCs must first deal with the supremely powerful Dragotha. And in order to defeat Dragotha once and for all, they must first destroy the dracolich’s phylactery. She doesn’t know where it is, but does know where the lost lore of the ancient druids might be found on a long-abandoned island sanctuary of the Order of the Storm druids known as the Library of Last Resort.

To get to this hidden island in the Nyr Dyv the heroes enlist the aid of an old friend, Harliss Javell and the crew of the Sea Wyvern. They are transported close to the island and decide to brave the storm by flying in the rest of the way. They encounter a group of disgruntled orcs who were hired by Darl Quethos, and are now attempting to put together a makeshift boat to escape the island. Seeing that the Orcs don’t want any troube the group decides to investigate the maze of Menhirs and discover an obsidian disc with Druidic runes on it. They figure out they need to bring specific crystals back to the disc and place them in the eyes to activate the portal. This is not as easy as it would seem since the crystals have their own guardians. The group dispatches a group Stone Ropers, and an Octopus Tree, before heading back with the crystals to activate the portal.

They are transported to an island in a pocket dimension and are greeted by four druids from the Order of the Storm. They explain that if the group performs four trials then they will be shown the Fountain of Dreams and receive the information they seek. Each druid mentions a trial: The Claiming of Krathanos’ Golden Belt, Silence of the Doomshroud’s Mournful Song, Death of the Thorn Vale Nightmare, and Harvest of the Living Feather of the Roc King.

The group decides to investigate the Doomshroud forest first and hears the melancholic voice of a female. Errol is drawn to the Ancient Night Twist tree and succumbs to the curse. The rest of the group are set upon by their worst nightmares. They eventually overcome the nightmarish illusions and destroy the Foul Tree.

Harlan transforms into an eagle and decides to do some aerial recon to figure out where they should go next; he spots a ruined keep on the edge of a cliff south of their location. They proceed to the keep by air and are met by a greeting party of gargoyles whose master is none other than the titan, Krathanos. They invite the group to join them for some food and rest. It turns out that Krathanos is looking for some help to escape his imprisonment on the island from the Druids. The group decides to make a deal for his belt and agree to take him to a plane of his choice freeing him from his centuries of imprisonment.

When they return to the island they decide to head for the mountains in hope to retrieve a feather from the Roc King, but it turns out they’re too late and find the dead body of the Roc, most likely killed by Darl and his minions. The group moves onto the Valley of Thorn and Nightmares where they discover the steam-filled den of Harrowdroth, a nightmare beast. Aravir uses his ring of Elemental power to close the steam fissures and clear out the thick fog when Harrowdroth attacks. The group are able to easily kill the creature, and quickly decide to discern the location of Darl’s group to steal the Roc’s feather from them. Darl and his minions had the same plan and confront the group at the edge of the cavern opening….

The Alhaster Affair
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

The heroes briefly return to the Fortress of Unknown Depths to report their findings to Manzorian and Celeste. After the reunion, the archmage reveals that Balakarde traveled from the Spire of Long Shadows to an independent kingdom called Redhand, to seek the council of a sorceress named Lashonna, chief magical counselor to the tyrannical Prince Zeech, liege of Redhand. In the months leading up to his disappearance, Balakarde was completely obsessed with Kyuss. If he visited Lashonna, it had to be because he thought she could help him get to the bottom of the mystery. It’s probable that Lashonna remembers meeting Balakarde a decade ago, and might know more about his whereabouts.

Prince Zeech is set to celebrate the twentieth year of his rule at a grand festival in a week’s time. Lashonna is sure to attend. The archmage recommends that the party travel to Alhaster immediately, to scout out the city prior to the ball. Despite Prince Zeech’s anniversary, Alhaster is far from festive. Everything there reflects the dour tastes of its lord, a Hextorian fallen paladin who believes himself a just ruler but whose draconian policies and brutally efficient police force keep the citizens in line. It is nonetheless an intriguing place, a crossroads of the civilized world and wild country where adventurers rub shoulders with bandit kings, haughty hobgoblins, and crooked merchants.

Except for Harlan, the group decides to disguise themselves, Aravir as a bodyguard to Chiang, who is in disguise as the Blackhand Slave-master, Hans Arclavian, and Faith and Errol as bodyguards to Harlan. They attempted to meet with Lashonna, but she is unavailable, and they find out that she will be attending the celebration in a few days time. They are able to procure some invites to the Prince’s 20th anniversary ball and decide to use their down time until the ball investigating other leads on what happened to Balakarde.

Aravir and Chiang head to Traitors graves on some rumors that it could have been Ilthane’s lair. They discover a laboratory in shambles along with an a creature that was let loose from Ilthane’s brood. They abundant step out of the lair to call Harlan, Faith, and Errol into the fight only to find themselves surrounded by four of Ilthane’s offspring. The heroes quickly dispatch the young black dragons and the creature lurking in the laboratory below.

The group heads out to investigate the old Cathedral of St. Cuthbert now know as the Church of Blessed Deliverance. They find Rhorsk, a former priest of Cuthbert, who has been turned into a ghoul and has gone mad over the years of isolation. Rhorsk is able to remember enough to give the group more clues as to the whereabouts of Ebon Triad activity before they put him out of his misery.

Next they decide to visit the Sinners Sanctum, a house of lepers and disease ridden poor souls tended by a half-mad woman named Furpotia. Rhorsk had mentioned that someone called Mother Maggot would hold meetings with Ebon Triad members here. They discover a hidden trap door that leads to a stock pile of treasure guarded by another aspect of the Ebon Triad Overgod

Lastly the heroes are taken to Prince Zeech’s palace for the celebration where they had several opportunities to hobnob with the elite of Redhand, not all of whom are completely evil. Several prominent citizens express distaste for Prince Zeech and his close advisors. Finally, Lashonna arrives at the party and offers to meet with the group again in a few nights, when she promises to reveal more.

Will the real Halmaster please stand up
Monsters of 'Hawk Arena Tour

The Heroes of Greyhawk decide to finish their business with Carmen Halmaster and forge a letter from Miles Ravner to get Carmen to meet at the recently ruined Greyhawk Arena. Halmaster, underestimating the group, only shows up with four Draegloths as his enforcers. Chiang, in disguise as Ravener, goes out to the arena floor to meet Halmaster. Halmaster and his crew enter the arena and Chang sees that they are all lookalikes. Harlan uses his True Sight and Ghost Sound to mark the real Halmaster. The fight is on! Chang rushes in and begins to pummel a surprised Halmaster as the rest of the heroes spring forward to attack the Draegloths. Halmaster is stunned and unable to defend himself. He is soon knocked unconscious and Chang quickly picks him up and heads down the hole created by the Ulgurstasta during the Champions Games weeks prior. The wounded Draegloths decide to pursue Chang, but are eventually put down by Eldritch blasts from Harlan and their dead bodies fall into the hole. Halmaster is interrogated, but is evasive and only reveals small pieces of information. Halmaster, biding his time, uses his detect thoughts abilities and is able to peer into Aravir’s mind and decides to taunt him. Chang, frustrated with Halmaster, decides to execute him before he is able to siphon any more info from Aravir or the rest of the group.

The Heroes head to Grey Manor, Halmaster’s estate in the High Quarter, to investigate. They find that there is no obvious entry as the outside of the residence is a complete facade. They gain entry by magical means and find some obscure info about Illithid troop movements along with a few mysterious names, Sharpsbeak and the Drow word, Urq’azzt. They also discover a secret passage that extends all the way to the ruins of Greyhawk Castle miles to the north of the city. They seal the tunnel and decide to use Grey Manor as a base of operations for their cell of The Grey Hand, along with keeping up appearances as Carmen Halmaster

Escape from Hucanuea
The Rakshasan Candidate

After leaving the ancient city of Kuluth-Mar the PC’s were ambushed by what seemed to be the entire Rakastan empire. They were taken prisoner and relocated to the old city of Hucanuea. The PC’s found out that the Rakasta had been under the influence of a cabal of Rakshasa’s with the help of some alien drug provided to them by the Illithid. A 5th column group of Rakasta, led by Lescovar, aided the PCs in their escape and helped remove the control over the corrupted Rakasta, including their leader Kenshasta. Kenshasta was able to inform them that one target for the last remaining two Shadow Pearl devices was the capital of Celene, Enstad.

The heroes returned to MagePoint to speak with Manzorian and trade information they learned about Kyuss and the Age of Worms. They decided to leave Magepoint and take action in Greyhawk with the information Chang was able to retrieve on Carmen Halmaster being a spy for the Illithid. After returning to Greyhawk, the PC’s learn about the contamination of the city’s water supply via the same Illithid drug being used on the Rakasta. Most residents seem to be docile, and more prone to suggestion.

Harlan, a businessman himself, was able to set up a meeting with Carmen Halmaster the Patricians Club. The PC’s, in disguise as retainers of Harlan’s, accompany him to the meet. Carmen, hoping to to get more control over Harlan’s mining operations, offers him a drink poisoned with the Illithid drug. Harlan attempts to bluff taking a sip. Carmen ends the meeting, and tasks his agents to assassinate Harlan. The PC’s, aware of what is about to happen, sneak into Carmen’s office and overpower the two assassins. Carmen is nowhere to be found. The PC’s interrogate one of the assassins on Carmen’s whereabouts. Before the PC’s are able to leave the club, they hear patrons talking about another Shadow Pearl device destroying the city of Hardby.

The Age of Worms

The Three Faces of Evil:

Bocoun wants the PC’s to investigate more into this Ebon Triad, the green worms, and this Dark Cathedral in the mining town of Diamond Lake. His contact in Diamond Lake is a local businessman and friend and colleague of Torrentz Hebvard, Baronet Harlan Evershire MacCormick Jorgen von Donnical VIII

Harlan already has info from Bran Marka about Magnus Copperheart’s mine where this Temple and cult are currently located. Bran decided to push his luck with the Cult selling them sub par tools, food stuffs and saying he would needed to be bribed to stay quiet. He woke up one morning with the head of his wife on the edge of his bed. So keeping the secret of helping supply this cult was no longer an option.

The group sneaks past the guardians of Copperheart’s mine and explore the Triad members temples of Hextor, Erythnul, and Vecna. They find and dispatch the head priest of each and an aspect of the Cult’s Overgod.

Encounter at Blackwall Keep:

The group heads to Blackwall Keep in the Mist Marsh on orders to check on Logan’s sister, Katya Blackwell,and escort the BattleMage Marzena back to Greyhawk.

They decide to stay at Shanks Rest ( an old abandoned farm house used by travelers) for the night before making it the rest of the way to the Keep. They encounter Aravir’s brother, Michael, and his team of Greyhawk Rangers. During the night they are ambushed by demons from the Abyss who turn out to be hired by Iggwilv. They defeat almost all the Nalfeshnee, but one is able to teleport away with one of Chiang’s favorite weapons.

When they reach the keep, it is currently under attack by Lizard folk. The group makes it to the keep and deals with the remaining Lizard-man force. They discover that only 14 soldiers remain; 3 are captured along with Marzena, the BattleMage. 22 soldiers are dead including the garrison commander, and 4 are unconscious from their wounds, including Katya.

They make a plan to track down and rescue Marzena and the soldiers from Lizardfolk. They find the lair of the lizard folk and during the battle they find out that the Shaman, Hishka, wants to broker a peace deal with the humans and is tired of the way things have been going. The group agrees to setup diplomatic relations with the Lizardfolk as soon as they return to Greyhawk. Marzena is released, and the group takes her and Katya back to Greyhawk.

The Hall of Harsh Reflections:

Bocoun tells them they should seek out, Eligos, one of his colleagues that dabbles in things of a very strange nature to see if he has any insight about the Ebon Triad. Back at the citadel the group is mingling with the ruling oligarchy, and many diplomats and dignitaries from far off lands. Chiang notices Aravir across the other side of the room. He seems him making his way straight for the Elven Rep, Golradir Narmolanya, who has just stepped out of a meeting room with his bodyguard, The White Lion. The White Lion is too slow, and Aravir cuts the High Elven rep in half with his Holy Avenger, then quickly darts into a side room. The heroes and the rest of the guests are stunned. Chiang slices through the crowd like a knife through flesh, and makes it to the side room in seconds only to find a secret door that he or his ninja didn’t know about. He follows it down to see Aravir leap from the ramparts to the courtyard below, then run out into the High Quarter of the city. Abraxas, pile drives the imposter into the ground and begins to pummel him into unconsciousness and Chiangarrives and stops him. They learn that it is really a doppelganger with Aravir’s gear. He finds a key with a symbol on it referring to one of the warehouse’s in the River Quarter.

They investigate the building known as Sodden hold and find out it is a secret base of operations for some doppelgangers that are in league with the Illithid. They are able to rescue and severely beaten and tortured Aravir, but also find the bodies of Tigran Gellner, and Syra Viniira ( The Greyhawk Grumbler writer & expert on wine and etiquette). Also, they uncover information about the true loyalties of Greyhawk Coliseum Director, Loris Raknian, his purchase of something called the Apostolic Scrolls, a list of names referencing some Oligarchy members, and vague info about something called “Quortek Callussai”

The Champions Belt:

With a special mirror attained from their raid on Sodden Hold the group is able to verify which members on the Ruling Oligarchy are actually Doppelgangers. Since they aren’t complete sure who else they can trust they are unable to move on Loris. It turns out that the Champion’s games are coming up shortly and one of their contacts knows someone who is looking to sponsor some warriors to fight in the games. They figure this is an easy way into the arena and they can investigate Loris and see how he is connected to the Illithid and the Ebon Triad.

During the gladiatorial combat against 3 other groups, an Ulgurstasa, a brilliant undead behemoth, breaks through the arena floor, and begins to attack all the combatants. This creature devours the living and creates undead from its waste. After it is able to devour Auric, the current arena champion, a blast of necrotic power washes over the crowd and hundreds of innocent people are turned into undead beings and start to attack the rest of the fans. This wave if undeath also transforms Loris into a DeathKnight. He escapes on his Nightmare, while the heroes battle the demonic creature. Help arrives in the form of Anthony Kratz and Torvel Bocoun who are able to take care of the newly created undead army so the others can defeat the Ulgurstasa.

Spire of Long Shadows:

Eligos informs the group that an old friend of his in Magepoint may have some more information for them about the Age of Worms. The Heroes make their way to Magepoint to meet with Manzorian and get any intel he has on Kyuss or the Ebon Triad. He says they should go to the CIty of Kuluth-Mar in the Amedio Jungle Region. This was the city of Kyuss and there could be much to learn. During their investigation of the city the heroes are witnesses to visions of the past of what the city once was and how Kyuss became a god. These visions even showed them a great red dragon carrying away the spire atop the now ruined ziggurat. After they finished exploring the undead filled temple the heroes are ambushed by a war party of Rakastan warriors led by their missing friend, Kenshasta. Before they’re able to negotiate they are overwhelmed by the immense power of the Tougandan Skulls wielded by their once loyal friend and black out


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